Bible is our Life Manual

There are countless books discussing happiness, how to live our lives, how we can be wise on spending money and so on. But before all those books, there was just the Bible that teaches us about these things.

It Teaches Us About Humility

God despises the proud and blesses the humble. It was demonstrated in many stories in the bible. Take Solomon as a good example. He prayed to God and asked for wisdom so he can lead a nation. He admitted that he was inexperienced. God saw his humility and his desire to be a good leader. So He blessed Solomon with wisdom and riches. Israel became one of the richest nations back in time.

Bible Warns Us About “Too Much”

There are many stories in the Bible that tell about people who met their demise because they had no self-control. Today, self-control is one big problem for many people. They lost their lives, possessions, and loved ones because they can’t control themselves. If you suffer from the lack of self-control and can’t help to shop online using aliexpress coupon code free shipping, pray for wisdom. It could be bad vices, hunger for worldly things, lust, and so on, anything that is too much is destructive.

Spending Wisely

God also taught people how to live their lives in simplicity. Apostle Paul said that simplicity is maturity. You don’t have to impress people by buying things with special discounts using an aliexpress coupon code new member though you don’t need them. Live your life in simplicity. Live below your means. Your happiness should never be grounded in material things because these things are fleeting, a chasing after the wind.

Relationship is Important

Even Jesus went on His way to find His disciples. Relationships can make or break you. Take your family to Amsterdam city trip using the city sightseeing map and spend quality time together. Great relationships add colour to our life. When Jesus was hanging on the cross, His disciple John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was there with Him in his darkest moments. Never underestimate great relationships. Nurture them and love on them.